Have you considered volunteering as an Elder of St. John’s?

Have you considered volunteering as an Elder of St. John’s, but not sure what this means?

At every A.G.M., St. John’s elects Elders to the position of non-ordained service. This means they are concerned with the spiritual welfare, and secular and administrative affairs of the congregation. Elders are also required to be familiar with the Constitution. They are charged with oversight of the employees of the church, e.g., Pastor and other staff. Our Constitution defines the responsibility as: The business of the St. John’s Association must be managed by or under the direction of the Elders’ Committee. There’s no need to feel over-awed by this description. It’s a very uplifting experience to be part of a team that’s at the coalface, working to make our Mission a reality. St. John’s needs your help to bring God’s wonderous design for the future of St. John’s to fruition. Many hands make light work!